The Polar Experience is a fun, educational activity.  It includes an invigorating trek where students navigate and ascend to the top of our 170m real snow slope (Mount Snozone!).

Once they reach the summit, students will assist in a ‘survival’ themed emergency using basic first aid, setting up a camp and finally building a rescue sledge to bring a theoretically injured person off the “mountain.”  In addition, the activity also includes an exhilarating sledging activity.
In a classroom setting, students will then learn what snow is and the science behind how it forms. The workshop will explore the polar regions and the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic zones. Students will learn about famous explorers and wildlife of these regions to support key stage learning across history, geography and science.


The practical element will also develop confidence, teamwork, leadership skills and problem solving. After scaling Mount Snozone, the students will enjoy a tasty hot chocolate and a snack. Snozone provide all of the necessary equipment including skis, snowboards, boots and helmets. Students will need to bring waterproof clothing, warm clothes, thick socks and gloves, which can also be purchased at Snozone.
The entire activity will take approximately 2 hours: 50 minutes for the mountain trek, 20 minutes sledging and a 30 minute workshop and 20 minutes for a snack break and a question and answer session.  We can accommodate any size of group which we will split into groups of up to 25 students with the minimum number for a booking of 10 students.
Students will gain life skills in a cold environment with a strong safety message in a fun setting and will develop confidence, teamwork, problem solving skills, resilience and elements of leadership.  Students will also learn interesting and useful facts across a range of subjects including Science, Geography, and natural History. 
At the end of the session we will test their knowledge following these activities as part of a fun quiz.
The price is just £24.99 per student, you can add a hot, freshly cooked meal for each child for only £8.99 per person.
This is for students aged 10-15 years old, providing them with practical skills and supporting their science, history and geography knowledge.  

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